Residential and Commercial CCTV Systems

Featuring: Bolide Angelo HD Night & Day Cameras

The cameras shown above are some of the most popular options our customers request (clicking the image will take you to Bolide's official spec sheet for that camera). The standalone DVR acts as the main interface and recording station for cameras. Bolide DVR systems are incredibly user-friendly and come with 4, 8, or 16 camera inputs with access to their Mobile App and Camera Viewer - Quick Connect

The images shown below display real-world examples of these cameras on duty. No matter which camera is used, the picture produced is always crystal clear, 1080p HD quality with stunning Infrared Night Vision capabilities. 

At the American Direct Security Company, we only stock Bolide's Angelo HD hybrid 1080p cameras. This particular category of cameras covers all different styles and colors of cameras, ready for choosing based on your preference. You cannot purchase quality technology like this at your local hardware / wholesale store.

Infrared Night Vision capabilities


BC2009/WMB Mini Color Dome Camera (w/Wall Mount Bracket)


There's no need to be afraid of the dark! Even half past midnight, every Bolide brand camera that we sell comes equipped with infrared night vision that produces the same Hi-Def 1080p quality image that you rely on during the day. Our surveillance camera systems are recording 24/7, allowing constant vigilance and protection of you and yours. 


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