1. What does the yellow triangle mean on my keypad?

The yellow triangle is displayed when something may be causing trouble on your system. "Trouble" could mean any number of possibilities such as a tampered device, low battery, or even loss of time/date on your keypad. 

What is important to note is that your system is most likely still operable. Arming and disarming should still be functional. However, it is important to clear the trouble code. Consult your panel's user manual. If you need further assistance, please contact us!

2. My keypad is not showing the green "ready" check to arm, but all of my zones are closed. what does this mean?

Typically this means that there is disfunction on one of your zones. The cause of which depends upon each situation. For example, renovations on your home or business such as replacing a door or window could have damaged the equipment in question. 

What is important to note is that your system is most likely still operable. Until we schedule an appointment, you are able to arm your system by bypassing the zone. The method of bypassing varies per system, so please consult your keypad's specific user manual

An example from our PC 5010 Series keypads is shown below: 

To bypass zones from an LED keypad: Start with the system in the Ready state. Enter [✱][1][Zone number(s) to be bypassed]. Enter the zone number(s) as a double digit from 01 to 32. As each zone is bypassed, the corresponding zone light will turn ON. If a zone is bypassed by mistake, press that zone number again and the zone light will turn OFF, indicating that the zone is not bypassed. Press [#] to return to the Ready state. When the system is armed, the Bypass light will be ON if one or more zones are bypassed.

3. how can i change the time and date on my keypad?

Lack of Time and Date on your keypad can cause a the yellow trouble light to appear. As with bypassing a zone, changing your time and date usually varies per system. Consult your keypad's user manual.

Another example from our PC 5010 Series keypads is shown below: 

Setting the System Date and Time To set the system time, enter [✱] [6] followed by the Master Code. Press [1]. The keypad will now accept 10 consecutive digits: • Enter the Time in Hours and Minutes using the 24 Hour format (00:00 to 23:59). • Enter the Date in Months, Days and Years (MM DD YY). NOTE: If you have an LCD keypad, your installer may have programmed your system to display the time and date while the keypad is idle. If this is the case, you may have to press the [#] key to clear the date and time before entering an access code to arm the system, or before performing any other keypad function.

4. my wireless motion detector doesn't light up every time motion occurs. is it a faulty device?

Not at all! This is a default setting for all of our wireless motion detectors. The device will go into a power saving mode after it is first activated by motion. In this case, the motion is overlooking a busy area and activating on all motion will drain the battery extensively; therefore increasing the rate at which it needs to be replaced. The important thing is that it detects first motion immediately when the system is armed, thus triggering your alarm when it really needs to!

5. do i need to put security on all of my windows?

On many occasions, covering every door and window can be costly and unnecessary. Adding a couple well-placed motion detectors can cover the necessities and act as backup coverage: adding another layer of security. We work with our customers to optimize coverage and save on costs.   

6. i have a pet. can i still use motion detectors?

Our motion sensors are equipped with Pet Immunity infrared technology. Basically, your motion detector can be set to ignore animals up to 80 lbs in weight. If you have a pet or plan on adopting one, let us know, and we'll set your motion detectors accordingly. 

7. can i put security cameras up around my house?

Yes. In fact, approximately half of our current CCTV systems have been installed on residential property. It is your home, property, and family that you wish to protect. You decide what you want covered and we can make it happen. 

8. can i use wireless cameras?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. IP Cameras are never as dependable as their hardwired counterparts. A direct wire from your DVR to each camera is the most secure way to ensure consistent coverage.