IP Data Tel (Internet Monitoring)


IPDataTel internet-based monitoring is another alternative to landline. Although, it is not as secure as Cellular 3G considering it is as reliable as your current internet provider. However, through the Mobile Arming Station of internet-based monitoring, you can receive detailed reports of events happening on premises including time, zone opened, and even what code was used to disarm the system if assigned to a particular person. 


Detailed Event Reporting

The image to the left is an example of event reporting offered by IP Data Tel's mobile app, IP FOB. This feature allows the user to view past activity on their security system. You are able to identify the time and date of every Arm and Disarm, as well as which code was used. 

A specific code can be assigned to each individual that has access to your home or business. To find out how, look into your system's specific user manual